Consent – So Simple a 5 Year Old Can Withhold It

Author’s Note I originally wrote this piece about a year ago and left it unpublished. My conscience, and the very valid and incredibly important work on Sex and Relationships Education being put forward by EVAWUK with considerable support from The Fawcett Society has inspired its release. I thank both of these organisations for giving me … Continue reading

My country is the whole world

“If you insist upon fighting to protect me, or ‘our’ country, let it be understood, soberly and rationally between us, that you are fighting to gratify a sex Instinct which I cannot share; to procure benefits which I have not shared and probably will not share; but not to gratify my instincts, or protect either … Continue reading

‘Lad’s Mags’ – Ban or Bust!

Between 2005 and 2006 I wrote my dissertation on weekly ‘lads mags’. Way back when Nuts (1st ed. 2004) and Zoo (1st ed. 2004) were brand spanking new on the newsagent shelves. However, my dissertation didn’t start with a dry and tepid discourse analysis of ‘lads mags’ – and here is where I drop the inverted … Continue reading

Why the World Needs Feminism

Feminism has been around since the late 1800s but really came in to its own as a movement during the 1970s when the words ‘feminist’ and ‘feminism’ came out in to the wider public forum. Since then, feminist activism, politics, networking, sharing and support has had a massive impact on the world and how we … Continue reading

Win Summat for Being a Right Old Twit

Well, my loves, it’s coming up to four years now since I decided to start up all this @feministuk and blogging malarky. Some of you have been with me all the way (you know who you are). From starting out, to me having crisis rows, to me becoming disillusioned, to starting my blog, to me … Continue reading

Call for Participants – Young LGBT Christian Project

Researchers based at the London South Bank University are looking for young LGBT Christians (16-30 years old) who would like to be interviewed for a study –  ‘Making space for queer-identifying religious youth’.  The project aims to explore young LGBT people’s understanding, uses, and experiences of religion.   All participation is completely anonymous. Although based … Continue reading

Heterosexual Couples and Civil Partnerships

I read an article today about a heterosexual couple who are demanding their right to a civil partnership because they don’t believe in marriage. This article really pissed me off and I shall explain why. Now, part of the reasoning behind their demand is about the injustice of same-sex couples being unable to marry in … Continue reading